Nylon Screws

At Fixnbolt we offer a wide selection of nylon screws to fix rather soft materials such as wood. Looking for specific screws to work this materials? We offer the sale of screws for wood : threaded rods, metal drills or cheap inox screws.

Cable Ties White Nylon
Cable Ties Black Nylon
Hex black Nylon female threaded PA6,6 Standoff
Hex black Nylon male threaded PA6,6 Standoff
Black Polyethylene Cap Nuts
White Polyethylene Cap Nuts
Hex Head, 6.6 PA, Fully Threaded, DIN 933
Hex Socket Round Head Screw, Natural Nylon PA6-6, DIN 912
Slotted Cheese Head, RSCH Din 84 Natural Nylon
Large Slotted Cheese Head, LRSCH Din 85 Natural Nylon PA6-6
Countersunk Slotted Head CSH Din 964 Natural Nylon PA6-6
Slotted Raised Countersunk Head CRSH Din 964 Natural Nylon PA6-6
Flat Point Hex Socket Headless screw
Natural Nylon Hexagon Nut PA6-6 DIN 555 DIN 934
Natural Nylon PA6,6 Wing nuts, American version
Natural Nylon PA6,6 DIN 125 Flat Washer
Natural Nylon PA6,6 "M" serie Flat Washer
Natural Nylon Pa6,6 DIN 975 Thread Rod