American Screws

Our US screws metal screws, aluminium or cheap inox screws designed according to the standards of the United States to repair and fix your American objects. Discover a wide range of attachments to US standards : nuts, grub screws, sheet metal screws, washers.

Hex head screw
Round Head Hex Socket Screws
Countersunk Head Hex Socket Screws (82° countersink
Button Head Hex Socket Screws
Cup Point Hex Socket Headless Screws
Slotted Round Button Head Screws
Threaded Rod
Male Wrenches
Coated Dichromate Flat Washers 38 - 45 HRC ANSI B18-22-1
Spring Washers yellow zinc plated steel 44-51 HRC
Standard Nut
Nylstop Lock Nut
Hexagon socket Pipe plug 33H - BSPT Gaz Conic 3/4
Hexagon socket Pipe plug 33H - NPTF Briggs Conic 3/4
HSS Hand Taps DIN 351 Right UNC
HSS Hand Taps DIN 2181 Right UNF