How to pay for my purchases on FIXNVIS?

I pay by credit card

During the checkout process, simply choose the payment method "Credit card payment". You will be automatically redirected to the secure website of our partner Ogone to enter your payment information (No credit card, expiration date and security code).

IMPORTANT: no banking information (card number, CodeSecure ...) is transmitted to FIXNVIS. Our company has no access to your banking information.


Either you already have a PayPal account and you only need to enter your card number for each purchase: an email and a password are sufficient.

Either you choose to pay without account opening and simply indicate the details of your credit card on the PAYPAL site.



I pay by bank transfer


After confirming your order, you need to make your payment with bank information provided in the confirmation email sent. Upon receipt of your bank transfer, we'll send you an email confirming receipt and shipment of your order is done in the day.


Bank Code : 30056

Guichet code : 00245

Account number :    02450832977

RIB key :         88

IBAN : FR76 3005 6002 4502 4508 3297 788


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