Set of 6 threading drills
19 Milled HSS Drill Bits
25 Milled HSS Drill Bits
25 Hot-Rolled HSS Drill Bits
Set of Carbide HSS Drill Bits
Set of 51 pieces (Metal drills, wood drills , bits)
Set of 46 pieces (Metal drills, wood drills screw bits)
Set of 19 Metal drills for stainless steel 1 to 10 diameter
Set of 25 Metal drills Bumper+1 countersink
Set of 27 pieces, 20 HSS metal drills and 7anti-choc heavy duty hand taps
6 Milled HSS Drill Bits
5 Concrete Drill Bits
Set of 7 drill bits "Booster" in metalic case
5 Wood Drill Bits
Set of 20 pieces tap drills + dies
Countersink bits set 5 pieces trated steel Diameter 10,4/16,5/20,5/25/31
Bit holders standard and belt clip
28 pieces Standard set (16 bits/9 Sockets + ratchet handle and 2 bit holders)
33 pieces Security set bits + 1 screwdriver handle + 1 extension
Deck kit, 3 drills, Ø 4, depth stop and double hex wrench
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